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"Don't annoy, or worse alienate, prospective customers because your cousin's friend's aunt's next-door neighbor's brother volunteers to design your website on the cheap"

Jay Conrad Levinson




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Website maintenance can be a pain!


Is maintaining your
website a pain in the neck?

Getting a website designed is easy enough. Thousands of eager web designers are waiting to take your money. Who knows, you might even end up with a website that looks the business.

   End of story? No. What happens when you need to correct a typo, change some content, or add a new page? That's when the pain starts. 

   Maintaining the content of a regular website involves endless round trips to your web designer. It's frustrating, dull, boring and thoroughly last century.

   After a while, old fashioned 'hard-wired' websites don't get maintained - which defeats the whole point of a website. In the end they get so out of date that you start the whole process again, and pay for yet another website that's a pain to maintain.

Get fast relief with 123Live!

Easy website maintenance - you dont need to be a "techie"

Since 2003 our customers have been quietly maintaining their own websites without the delays and costs of hiring a web designer. They add pages, edit text and links and change images whenever the mood takes them. They experiment with different copy to see what works best. They rearrange their menus on a whim. They even do their own search engine optimisation and get great results.

   Our customers are not 'technical' people, they are ordinary business and marketing people just like you. So how do they do it?

   Their secret is the 123Live Content Management System (CMS for short). What it means for them is that they can log in and see their website exactly as it appears to others, then they can do all the things they need to do, without getting technical and without any danger of the whole thing going pear shaped.

   Our customers pay one small monthly charge so they can say goodbye to their web designer and maintain their own website. They love the feeling of control and the time they save with our award winning CMS. They appreciate the expert support we provide when they need help or advice, and the fact that we do all the technical stuff and just leave them with the fun bits.

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